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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Missing Weekly Updates - Catching Up!

I've been so slack in updating here!!  Yikes, the weeks just keep going and going and I forget to update and say I'll wait until next week and then full circle again!

So, here we are just wrapping up Week 10 and about to head into Holiday mode!  So without further ado - let's jump back in!  

In my life this week…

Well of course the big thing that sticks out is Halloween! We had fun putting together a costume for Sarah and the boys went digging for their costumes as well. The boys just had a social with friends and Sarah attended our church's trunk or treat.

In our homeschool this week…

Plugging along on Week 9 of MFW-RTR, Week 10 of MFW-WHL, Week 7 of CC and week 10 of school!  Phew, so thankful for Lesson Plans to keep up!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

High School Service Projects for Teens
  • help out at church - my children have filled the pews with new envelopes and sharpened pencils, cut grass for the elderly, helped out with VBS and other younger youth events
  • Help in the community - our local theatre was in need of ushers during their school performance - homeschoolers fill that need!
  • cutting grass or yard work for elderly neighbors
  • We have a teen club in our support group who does projects such as cleaning the local pregnancy center, small repairs, sorting donations for a local shelter, filling backpacks for local schools
I’m cooking…

I didn't cook this meal this week but it was so good!  You can check out my video here for all the details.

I'm hoping to add a new recipe a week to our repertoire and share it here too!

I’m grateful for…

Fall and the beautiful fall foilage!

A photo that needs no words…

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