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Monday, May 6, 2013

Weeks 27-29

Again, busy!!  Weeks 27 & 28 - we finished up is pretty much all I can say.  Week 29 was one exciting week! 

 It all started with Stephen completing his memory master final testing for Cycle 1 with Classical Conversations.  This is his 2nd year making it and we are very proud of him!!



Next up, Jonathan turned 15!!  Whoa, where has the time gone?!?  No matter how old you get though - you can NEVER be too old for batman and Legos.  :)

Along with turning 15 and completing his Driver's Education course comes time for your Learner's Permit so we have hit a new milestone of a 3rd driver in the house!!  That is very scary for a control freak like me but God is showing me who really is in control anyway.  

To top it all off, Sarah and I spent an overnight trip to Mother/Daughter camp!  We met several missionaries and made our own mission dolls.  This is our 5th year going and we  love it every year!

Through all that excitement, we still completed our school work.  Only 4 weeks left for Stephen and Sarah.  Jonathan has about 6 weeks left not including testing!


  1. I just found your website and am so thankful!! I'm starting MFW next year for the first time (homeschooling with a mismash for the last 3 years) and am nervous about the investment but EXCITED about how great it looks. I'm particularly concerned with the high school AHL, as I have two boys who will start that next year. Just looking for more real life users to give tips, etc. So glad to find you and am following. Thanks!

  2. Yay - glad you stopped by Kari! I will be glad to answer any questions that I can for you. My son has had a wonderful year in AHL. The Bible portion for him outdid everything else and that's what it's all about!!


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