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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer Time

During summer, we lighten our load.  One thing I try to stay intentional about is at least an outing every week.  These can certainly be called our summer field trips.  I recently saw this photo on facebook from Vision Forum and I totally agree!!

When You Homeschool...
When you homeschool, all of life becomes opportunity for education. You begin applying Deuteronomy 6:6-8 — the daily discipleship of your children — in the kitchen, the car, the office, the garden, the backyard, and everywhere in between. You are not bound by the mass education learning limitations of “when” and “where,” as you find teaching moments in every conceivable scenario and environment. And you embrace the role of teacher to your children in all areas of life: academically, physically, and spiritually.

When you homeschool, the world is your classroom.

So, even though we take a summer break for our "normal" school routine - we continue to learn through life itself.

One example of life learning would be a trip to putt-putt. This is a place where you can teach math, good sportsmanship, patience, kindness, etc. You will never see your children want to do math so much. Adding scores inevitably leads to a lesson on good sportsmanship. When one of our crew scores a hole-in-one, well, let's just say the whole park pretty much knows about it. So, cheering each other on 
(encouragement) is a great virtue to have under your belt.

On our recent trip, we even saw lightning bugs and raccoons while we were putting!!

Pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't that great. Can you see them - it was a family of 4 raccoons!

Other ideas I have in mind for our weekly outings include...
  • a trip to the local spray park - where I'm sure a lesson in modesty will come up
  • the local science museum - so much to learn there
  • an ice cream/milkshake outing - a lesson in frugality - shakes at Sonic are half-price on June 20th!
  • a picnic at the park
  • camping trip
  • summer bowling
  • summer movies
  • beach
  • blueberry picking
  • volunteer at the food shelter
  • more putt-putt - we have over 50 free games :)
Where do you go with your family during the summer?

See where my fellow crewmates go for field trips!



  1. Looks like you all had fun. Right now it's too hot for this mama to go out, so in the fall is when we will take a few outings. Lance can't wait to visit the zoo.

  2. So much fun!! We tend to largely stick to water activities in the summer because it's so hot. We do a lot of biking too, as long as there's a place to get wet along the route. We also tend to avoid our favorite museums because they are sooooo crowded in the summer. We'll usually hit those again as soon as PS is back in session. lol


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