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Saturday, February 4, 2012

3 in 30: February, Week 1

3in30 Challenge

February 2012 - Week 1 Goals

My 3 goals for February...

1.  Homemaker – I have 2 goals here because one will not take that long.
  • I want to consistently set my monthly goals and more importantly evaluate them at the end of the month to see if I had any progress. 
  • I want to consistently use my Motivate Moms Planner this year too.  I really like the app version so far.  The kids enjoy checking off the list too – a win – win.  We missed some days in January though so I want to make this a focus for February.
2.  Personal Exercise 3x a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  This is going to be a tough one.  I do not want to exercise.  I do not want to sweat.  I do not want to fit this into my schedule.  Sometimes, you need to do things you do not want to do.  I’m trying to teach my children that – I need to learn it myself!

3.  Wife/Marriage – send a Good Morning text M-F to my sweetheart.  Pretty much just saying “I love you!”



  1. On the exercise, although it is not one of my 3in30 goals for this month, I am still going find creative ways to fit it in. If you'd like some accountability, I'd love to tweet (@thismomsdelight) reminders and encouragement (or via any other method you prefer).

  2. Great goals! I think I want to try the text one, my husband would love that. Exercise is hard! I just started getting back into it last month. One thing that has kept me going is writing down the reasons I want to do it, why it's good for me. Then on the mornings I want to quit I look at the list and get a little more motivated. I can't wait to see your accomplishments!

  3. love the text idea! I am also working towards the exercise goal and it can be hard to feel motivated. I tell myself I am disciplined, even when I am not motivated.

  4. that would be awesome Tami! I am taking a hiatus from twitter for a few months though. Do you used My Fitness Pal by chance? email? facebook?


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