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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back To Homeschool 2011

Welcome to Grace Christian Homeschool!

In our homeschool this year we have......

8th grader - Jonathan

5th grader Stephen

and 3rd grader Sarah

This year will be our 2nd year joining our local Classical Conversations group.  I will also be tutoring this year so once again we will be doing some changing!  Jonathan began the Challenge A group but we did not continue.  It just moved way too fast so he is now doing the work at home at a slower pace.  For Stephen and Sarah, I am using My Father's World - Exploring Countries and Cultures along with CC.

We are a very eclectic homeschool leaning toward the classical style.  


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I am a 39 year old wife to the love of my life and mom to 3 children. I am truly blessed to have been given such a wonderful family. I am a Christian and know that I would have never known Jesus had it not been by His grace. I enjoy all sorts of crafts and reading when I have the time! In the picture is a vacation photo of my 3 children enjoying a sunrise at the beach!


  1. Oh, I'm in! I love to see what others are doing.

  2. Awesome - I love peaking into other homeschools!

  3. lol, thanks for starting this - can't wait! It's definitely that time of year!

  4. oh, this sounds fun, i think i'll join - i have been missing blogging lately! i am definitely thinking of the coming year, so this will be fun :)

  5. Thank you so much for joining in!! Looking forward to "seeing" you each Monday (or thereabouts.) =)

  6. I like to see what others are doing in their homeschools too! Thanks for linking up to NOBH and sharing your homeschool posts with everyone!


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